The Call Classic - Bullet Rope


This hat is a tribute to both style and resilience. In 2019, a dream came to me to build a business that would allow my kids to work beside me daily and help me build something meaningful and lasting.

This DREAM was inspired by my oldest son Jordan - because of his love of hunting & fishing. Southern Cast Club & Southern Call Club logos were hand-drawn at a kitchen table and designed to look like a compass pointing to the real “true south” for the home base of each brand.

Due to magnetic declination a compass is often incorrect so “true south” is not exactly at 180 degrees. The Cast Club logo points to the real true south for the Perdido Pass Bridge in Orange Beach, Alabama, which leads to the amazing fishing offered in the Gulf that we love so much.

The Call Club logo points to the real true south for our home in Nashville, TN, where hunting & country music are so tightly intertwined.

The brands almost never launched because in September of 2020, just prior to having them ready to release, Jordan passed away suddenly & unexpectedly - at just 22 years old. Devastated by his death, realizing my dream to share this with him wouldn’t be fulfilled, I nearly gave up. I had to breathe...I had to find MY DIRECTION...I had to find MY TRUE SOUTH.

Today my true south is found in building these two brands to forever honor Jordan and his love of hunting, fishing, and family - while also making them meaningful and lasting brands for others to enjoy.